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If you're interested in getting paid for taking surveys online, then you might have scoured the Internet looking for places that will pay you for your opinion. However, if you're like most, then you have probably only come across sites that link to a few "select" market research companies, and don't provide links to the hundreds of paid survey companies that you need if you expect to make a good amount of money participating in online surveys.

The reason behind this is because those sites are getting paid by those market research companies (they are affiliates) in return for recommending them. And they don't list the sites who don't pay them!

We have personally had access to a variety of these companies, and were able to judge the quality of their lists, as well as the service that they offer. On this page, we present to you the results of our reviews. This site should help you better judge which membership site or sites you want to join to get started in your new career of participating in paid online surveys.

The best paid survey jobs are usually a mix of cash payments, prizes and other reward incentives.

If this is the first time you are taking a look at work at home survey jobs it is important for you to know that not all online survey businesses will earn you money.

It should be pretty obvious that when you participate in online surveys, it is an opportunity for many to improve their household income -- it brings extra money to help lighten the financial load.

Now, remember, it will take some time to get settled in and understand what you are doing, but if you are patient and enduring, it is very realistic to expect that you can earn some good extra part time money -- and you usually won't be doing much work once you start getting invited to take these surveys.

Our #1 Pick
Paid Surveys at Home Click here

Get Paid to Answer Surveys Online -- $5 to $75 per survey! Statistically, the average survey pays $32, Guaranteed. Includes Free Bonus: 3 days and 2 nights in your choice of nationwide resort destinations including Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, Key West and many more exciting destinations! No Catches!

Our #2 Pick
Get Cash For Surveys Click here

Just by visiting it, you can tell off the bat that this paid surveys site is different than most of the others. It is one of the highest quality sites that we have come across in our research. We have personally accessed their members area and call tell you that this is the place to go for the highest paying survey offers on the net. It is clear that this site is run by people who have quite a bit of expertise in the field of making money with surveys online. If you sign up for just one survey membership site, we recommend this one. If you want to start to get paid as quickly and easily as possible, this is your best bet.

Our #3 Pick
Paid Surveys, etc. Click here

This one doesn't allow most people to sign up, because their companies only want people who will actually complete at least one survey per week, spaces must be limited only to those who are serious!

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